form•Z pro

form•Z pro is the full version ready to assist you with all of your 3d modeling needs. Animation, layout, and a customizable interface are all here. If you can imagine a form you can build it with form•Z pro. RenderZone rendering is available for form•Z pro.

form•Z jr

Formerly bonzai3d, form•Z jr. is a powerful, and intelligent form generating tool to explore design alternatives with advanced surface and solid modeling tools, NURBS creation, components, sun studies, and presentations. RenderZone is available for form•Z jr.

form•Z free

form•Z free is here! Now anyone can jump in and get started with 3D digital modeling and 3D printing! Quickly sketch your ideas and have them ready to prototype in no time. The perfect way to get started with form•Z. We are proud to announce that form•Z is free for all!

form•Z mobile viewer

This app is a great tool for sharing your designs with colleagues and clients. form•Z mobile viewer opens native form•Z files from form•Z pro, form•Z jr, form•Z free and form•Z Student Edition (v7.0 or later) and displays them in real time interactive interface.


RenderZone allows you to create photorealistic renderings based on the LightWorks® rendering engine. It offers three levels of rendering: simple, z-buffer, and raytrace. A user can start developing the image of a 3D model at the simple level and gradually turn on features and render it at the most photorealistic level.